Books I Love for Job Search and for Life

July 21

Who’s Hiring Who – How to find that job fast!!!

Smart, practical advice for any career. My number 1 go to book that helped me get my first job at Estee Lauder.

“In the first update in over eight years of this bestselling career book, Lathrop brings his work up to date for a new generation of people who seek new jobs and different careers. “First class . . . highly recommended” —Richard Nelson Bolles.

Louise Hay “You can Heal your Life”

My friend Oprah hosted Louise Hay on her show and she spoke about this book. It changed my life!! While this book is not a job search book per se, the premise is that whatever situation job, etc you are in, you have the power to control your destiny. I keep it on my bedside table and refer to it over and over again.

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Jill is a true professional. Knowledgeable, friendly, fast and most importantly relentless. An ex-digital media professional herself, so she is that rare person that understands the market and positions she fills intimately. She has been a great resource for our company at our time of hyper growth, delivering in less than perfect conditions , which is the mark of only the best in the business. I highly recommend her.

Marija Vukic, VP Talent Management, Diply August 3, 2021