Target Search Group is an executive search and consulting firm established to offer laser focused executive search services. 

By only taking on a few clients at a time, we are able to provide top notch service to find the best talent. We address a unique sector in digital advertising and marketing, helping established companies find innovative talent and start-up’s build strong teams.

Our areas of expertise include C-suite, senior and mid-executive level digital media sales, account management, marketing, ad operations and other client facing roles. We feel retained search is an old school approach for fast growing companies and we offer a unique alternative that is a win-win.

We don't have a “winner take all” approach. We only take on a few clients at a time so that we can provide the best service possible.


We’re always incredibly thorough and only work with top candidates. We source in a variety of ways, but primarily through our extensive database.


We help you every step of the way. We can provide invaluable job search tools and skills that will help you be successful and find the right job for your needs.

Are you ready to find the perfect candidate for your company?

We feel retained search is an old school approach for fast-growing companies, and we offer a unique alternative that gives you peace of mind.

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Jill is a true professional. Knowledgeable, friendly, fast and most importantly relentless. An ex-digital media professional herself, so she is that rare person that understands the market and positions she fills intimately. She has been a great resource for our company at our time of hyper growth, delivering in less than perfect conditions , which is the mark of only the best in the business. I highly recommend her.

Marija Vukic, VP Talent Management, Diply August 3, 2021