Finding the perfect position can be deflating.

Not only are you scouring job boards and repeatedly sending your resume off into the digital ether, but you often find yourself in interviews with companies that don’t share your values. They aren’t paying what you’re worth or don’t have an environment you’d be happy in.

You want to contribute in a meaningful way, using all your skills and talents.

And you want to be happy where you’re doing it!

Target Search Group is here to help…

There are five critical factors you need to consider before putting yourself out there!

They’re so crucial that we’ve put them into a free training series to walk you through each step:

  • The key ingredients to a truly “stand-out”resume
  • What makes a compelling cover letter
  • Our must-have interview prep checklist
  • The most effective types of follow-up to utilize immediately
  • How a recruiter can help

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